the Tagline

The Tagline is the third and final post in our behind-the-scenes trilogy of our firm’s rebranding efforts. The more I learned about branding during this process, the more I appreciated the advantages of having a good tagline. The blogger Lindsay Kolowich had a great explanation of the tagline (which she referred to the slogan): “While logos are visual representations of a brand, slogans are audible representations of a brand.” In the case of ARCSPACE STUDIO, I wanted our tagline to represent, in the simplest terms possible, just what we do.

As opposed to the mental challenge of coming up with a new firm name, and the significant effort involved in designing the logo, the tagline came to me rather easily. I had already wasted a lot of brain cells thinking about the brand before I addressed the tagline. In particular, I spent a lot of time thinking about two types of space.

There is what might be called “architectural space”. On a basic level, all architects design buildings that contain space; however, I would contend that truly creative architects design buildings that go further, and actually shape space. That is what the architects and designers at ARCSPACE STUDIOS do…we shape space.


There is also what might be thought of as “the final frontier” kind of space. The space program, and the industries it continues to spur underpin the region in which we practice. So in a very literal way, when we shape space, we are shaping our community.

A wall mural in Big Springs Park welcomes visitor and reminds them that Huntsville is The Rocket City!

Now…Switching gears back to graphic design, by adding the Tagline to the Logo and the Name, we had successfully completed the branding identity trilogy. Now, it was just a matter of putting it all together, followed shortly thereafter by putting it on everything! Similar to Portlandia’s “put a bird on it”, we put our brand identity on letterheads, title blocks, project manuals, and even stuff like tumblers, shirts, and hardhats. In fact, if you’d like a free ARCSPACE STUDIO sticker, let me know and I’ll put it in and envelope and send it to you via snail mail.


In future posts I will use some of our design projects to demonstrate just how ARCSPACE STUDIO shapes space. I hope you’ll subscribe and join me in this exploration!

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